YEAR 2020 - 2021:  OUR 93rd SEASON

In 'normal' years we meet on the first Thursday and the Third Friday of each month from September through to June.

We would then have a short break for tea or coffee and a chat at about 9pm. 

However, 2021 is not a "normal" year SO...


TUESDAY 25 May from 7 pm (UK time) .

Our theme is International Mail and our guest speaker Michael Pitt-Payne will lead with a presentation on "Mail between the UK and the USA during the 19th Century".

In the second part of the meeting Members and guests will be invited to share short displays on international mail.

Members or visitors interested in joining this meeting should contact roger niven ( for details and an invitation. 


Some Members ae now utilising PowerPoint in their presentations.

Richard Stock, President of the Royal Philatelic Society, London gave an interesting presentation at the recent Virtual Spring Stampex.

This may still be seen at: 

in the auditorium.


Tuesday March 23 from 7pm (UK)

Members Presentations: “Recent Acquisitions” and “Favourite Items”

Tuesday 6 April from 2pm (UK)

“Great Britain”

Part 1: Henry Coward “The 10 Pound Stamp”

Tuesday 27 April from 7pm (UK)

“The Dominions”

Part 1: Graham Searle (Aberdeen P.S.) “Early Canadian Stamps and Postal History”

Part 2: Members’ material – from the Dominions (Australia, Canada, Irish Free State, New Zealand, South Africa)

Tuesday 11 May from 2pm (UK)


Part 1: Keith Johnson (Crewe P.S.) “Pacific Islands and Father Emmanuel Rougier”

Part 2: Members’ Presentations – Thematic, Themes, Postcards, and Open Class material


Tuesday 25 May from 7 pm (UK)

“International Mail”

Part 1. Michael Pitt-Payne (FRPS) “Mail between the UK and the USA during the 19th century”

Part 2. Members’ material – International and cross-border mail

Tuesday 15 June from 2 pm

“The letters U or V”

Members’ material related to either of these letters.

Tuesday 29 June from 7 pm

“The President’s Evening”

Part 1: Presentation on topic to be announced.

Part 2. Discussion on what we have learned this year, the way ahead for our Society

(NOTE: This discussion is not the AGM!)


"We would welcome new Members for our society. There is no charge at the moment as Membership fees have been waived for the remainder of this season - the next season starting in September. 

Members receive our regular Newsletter; and automatic invitations to on-line meetings, may invite guests to on-line meetings, and can sign up to our circulation of Club Packets. We are also planning to make recordings of some on-line presentations available to Members. 

Our delayed AGM will be held in the March 2022 as notified to Members in our Newsletter - but we will be discussing options with Members for the further development of the Kingston and District Philatelic Society during the interim. 

If you would like to join us then please contact our Honorary Secretary, Brian Sole by e mail ( by phone (01932 220677) or by post (49, Westcar Lane, Hersham, KT12 5ER)." 


Please note that the circulation of packets to Members continues. 

This service continues, with members taking appropriate protective measures in terms of agreeing where and how to hand over the packets, and how these may be safely handled. 


The FCPS annual competitions and Mason Cup competition had to be postponed from its planned November date. The Council has now decided to postpone all competitions until further notice. Options under discussion include judging of physical entries (without displaying them); virtual competitions; or sadly the possibility of cancellation. 


Our good neighbours and companion society are also offering very enjoyable Zoom club meetings at the moment. 

The next dates are:

Thursday 6 May (members sharing items - First Day Covers)

Thursday 20 May (members sharing items under the title of 'new issues')

Thursday 3 June (a one slide competition)

Twickenham are a very friendly society and visitors who would like to be guests at a meeting should contact Huw Williams (



At the moment we are unable to hold physical meetings due to continuing restrictions and our wish to keep all our Members safe.

We are also considering when and how we can reinstate our joint auction with Epsom, Twickenham and Wimbledon which had to be postponed in March 2020.


We have started meeting online using "Zoom";  Members who are interested in participating should contact Roger Niven ( to receive further details and invitations to join. 


Our circulation of packets has now started again, however, with subscribers practicing safe distancing and ensuring that the boxes are clean. These are proving even more popular than before as many people prefer to peruse real stamps, look at items they would otherwise think of, and ascertain condition - all aspects that it is difficult to replicate on the Internet sites. 

Moreover, without our meetings to look forward to we are experimenting with our web-site to see if we include more items that might interest our Members (and of course, any visitors to our site).

Also note that on the site we will continue to add to our existing rather serendipitous approach to items and articles about stamp collecting and philately, and have also created new pages on the philatelic journals that some of us like, and our growing list of well known people who either are, or were, collectors of stamps.