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Philatelic Journals and Stamp Magazines have always been important for those interested in stamps. 

In these turbulent Covid-19 times they are proving even more important as a means of collectors keeping up to date on their own interests, and for news of other philatelists and philatelic developments.

The days of being able to peruse a variety of stamp magazines in local newsagents or station bookshops are sadly now over. But there are still several excellent journals and magazine which serve our hobby. 

In this new page we will show some of the journals and magazines that our Members prefer to read, and why, and -  when relevant - what society membership is required and how to subscribe. 



The journal for members of the Royal Philatelic Society.

A journal which commenced publication in 1892 and is renowned for the quality of its well researched articles. 

The October 2022 issue contains a tribute in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who was a much loved and respected Patron of the Society for 70 years. 

This issue also continues the tradition of the Royal in embracing philatelic interests from around the world with articles on early Indian essays, 100 years of Irish stamps and the auction history of Chalon covers.  

The Journal is now also able to report on a full schedule of meetings as local societies, regional and national gatherings gather apace after the Covid pandemic.   

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Currently edited by Chris Oliver the journal is produced four times a year, and is sent free of charge to Members, and is available in digital format.

The journal contains summaries of reviews of recent meetings, short articles on philately, and club news. 

The May 2021 Issue contains an article by Michael Pitt-Payne on "Violated Mail", and reviews of our latest series of on-line 'Zoom' meetings; these included displays by: 

* Brian Livingstone "Edward VIII, Straits Settlements from the Bradbury Wilkinson Essays"

* Stan Challis "The Postal History of County Down" 

* Graeme Ashdown " The Origins and Development of Air Mail to and from New Zealand"

* Henry Coward " The £10 Britannia"

* Graham Searle "Early Canada"

* Keith Johnson " Pacific Islands including Fanning Island"

* Michael Pitt-Payne "Mail between the UK and USA during the 19th Century"



Probably the most popular stamp magazine in the UK (first published in 1890)

Although it has a focus on GB stamps - new issues, varieties, specialist topics - it also has a wide focus on British Commonwealth and World issues.

societies and advertising; The magazine provides a powerful reminder of the variety of resources open to a stamp collector, both in the UK and workldwide.

In this June 2021 Issue articles include:

* GB Undeliverable Mail of World War I

* The Stamp issues of Sarawak

* Polar Philately meets Space Philately

* An Unissued stamp from Greece

* The political and philatelic history of St Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla

* The life of HRH the Prince Philip as depicted on stamps

and many more items. 

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The Journal of the National Philatelic Society

Included as part of the annual subscription for Members of the NPS. A reduced subscription is available for those opting to receive the journal electronically. 

The journal is published monthly and includes items about both the society and its meetings, and on specific topics such as in the October 2022 edition tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and articles on Lithuanian, Tramway parcel, and Chilean stamps. 

The journal is prized for its blend of serious philately with an informal approach to the hobby, and for the wide range of input from society members across the whole range of philately and stamp collecting.

Each journal also contains a number of small half-page articles (always well-illustrated) submitted by Members - often detailing detective work into puzzling stamps or covers: or, in the latest issue the identification of forged stamps.

The journal also includes a summary of upcoming stamp fairs and meetings across the country, and some always interesting 'small advertisements' to add to the larger trade adverts. 

The Membership Secretary (Peter Mellor) may be contacted on

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As with most journals this is far cheaper by subscription than by paying the cover price. 

The November 2022 Issue is dedicated to a very insightful tribute to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with illustrations and descriptions of issues from around the Commonwealth during her long reign. This issue is likely to become a sought after collector's item in future years. 

A magazine that repays repeated visits due to the variety and depth of topics covered. 

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A "must read" magazine for many collectors. Published by MyTimeMedia of Kent. Available on subscription, in digital format, and also supports a forum of blogs. 

Offers a variety of articles each month, with material and news that may interest both experienced and newer collectors. 

In the June 2021 Issue are articles on:

* Prince Philip’s philatelic legacy

* Thematic Guide to the heart

Stamps, covers and postmarks featuring the human heart include items relating to blood circulation, hypertension, health campaigns and cardiac surgery 

* Commonwealth Classics

A beautiful stamp from Bermuda in 1941 was actually an afterthought, to meet an overlooked airmail rate

*Great Engravers

Hubert Woyty-Wimmer enjoyed a distinguished stamp-engraving career, both in Vienna and London  

Together with many other articles and information on the stamp market, and dealer information. 



One of the best journals for the stamps of France and Colonies - but also includes updates on issues from the rest of the world.

This May 2021 issue contains multiple short articles on recent issues, news from philatelic societies, snippets on issues (amongst others)  celebrating Napoleon, Louise Michel, Dora Maar and Sophie Tauber-Arp.  

Longer articles provide fascinating insight into the famous Parisian stamp market of Marigny; the celebration of President Mettierand on stamps; and the centennial of the floods in Boulogne and Billancourt using picture postcards. 

An article on mushrooms and their portrayal on stamps is both informative, and guaranteed to stimulate the taste buds. 

The journal is in French but is well illustrated and therefore still accessible to those who are not fluent in this beautiful language. 

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