Philatelic Journals and Stamp Magazines have always been important for those interested in stamps. 

In these turbulent Covid-19 times they are proving even more important as a means of collectors keeping up to date on their own interests, and for news of other philatelists and philatelic developments.

In this new page we will show some of the journals and magazines that our Members prefer to read, and why, and when relevant what society membership is required and how to subscribe. 



The journal for members of the Royal Philatelic Society.

A journal which commenced publication in 1892 and is renowned for the quality of its well researched articles. 

The two latest issues have started a lively discussion about the distinction between, and relative value of, the collection and presentation of material that is 'postal history' and the use of philatelic material  to illustrate stories that are 'thematic' or 'social'? A discussion that is likely to promote much further discussion.

In addition to fascinating articles on the Slovenian 'Chainbreaker' issues and the embossed stamps of Natal, there is also a trenchant piece from David Beech MBE FRPSL (and former Philatelic Curator in the British Library)  on the need for philatelic books to have an Index! 

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The Journal of the National Philatelic Society

Included as part of the annual subscription for Members of the NPS. A reduced subscription is available for those opting to receive the journal electronically. 

The journal is published monthly and includes items about both the society and its meetings, and on specific topics such as (in the August edition) Tennyson, Civil Censorship in South Africa in WW2, and Roman Britain in stamps and coins.

The journal is prized for its blend of serious philately with an informal approach to the hobby, and for the wide range of input from society members across the whole range of philately and stamp collecting.

Each journal also contains a number of small half-page articles (always well-illustrated) submitted by Members - often detailing detective work into puzzling stamps or covers: or, in the latest issue the identification of forged stamps.

The journal also includes a summary of upcoming stamp fairs across the country (rather curtailed at the moment because of current restictions) and some always interesting 'small advertisements' to add to the larger trade adverts. 

The Membership Secretary (Peter Mellor) may be contacted on

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As with most journals this is far cheaper by subscription than by paying the cover price. 

This is an old copy (November 2019) but it illustrates the variety of content well.

The articles on the 'Hermes Heads' of Greece, the 'New South Wales 1897 Diamond Jubilee ' and on 'Specimen Stamps' provide useful insight for the generalist and may prompt further reading in the more learned journals.

The articles on the stamps of Mauritius which provides a summary of  the history of the island and its stamp issues, and on 'the abolition of slavery' issue of Sierra Leone will interest collectors who are also interested in social history. 

The articles on Space and Financial Institution reflect the growing interest of some collectors in Thematic collecting.

Interspersed with these the half page articles on auction highlights, 'wrong stamps', new issues from Jersey,  the latest season at the UK Postal Museum, news from some societies, and letters from collectors.

A journal that offers a great variety of content, therefore, and is especially useful in bringing collectors up to date on news outside of their own specific interests. 

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