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Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies:

Association of British Philatelic Societies.

The Royal Philatelic Society Library:

Great Britain Philatelic Society:

British Thematic Association:

France & Colonies Philatelic Society:

This site is a great resource for those starting out in the hobby. 

Suggestions of additional sites are welcome.

Some further sites are listed below: 


Epsom and Ewell Philatelic Society

Our sister society with whom we have joint auctions has used the lockdown to create a very innovative web-site with virtual displays and a magazine providing interest for Members whilst actual meetings are still prohibited. 

Their site is well worth a look. 


Slightly further away from us but still a 'neighbour society' is Bookham.

They have also been experimenting in putting short presentations on their web-site: and these are worth a look. 

They have also created a limited trading platform which is restricted to Members only. 



During this pandemic many collectors have been captivated by the podcasts of Michael Cortese of NobleSpirit and Charles Epting of Harmer in which they discuss the hobby with guests from across the philatelic spectrum.

Charles and Michael have now added to these podcasts with a series of "conversations with philatelists" in the Stamp Collector Magazine. 



There was little publicity about these rates; presumably because the news was overshadowed by the pandemic. 

UK Standard Royal Mail 1st and 2nd Class

Size                          Up to &             1st Class                   2nd Class                       

                                 Including     From             To           From                To

Letters                           100g          76p            85p            66p               65p

Large Letters                100g.      £1.15         £1.29            88p               96p


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